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Wellness Hour: Guided Journaling

May 26th: Live Fear of Failure Q&A with Julie Nelson

March 25th: Live Q&A with Masha Zvereva

March Rise Together

February Rise Together

February 27th: Live Q&A with Lisa Concepcion

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Adulting 101, the ultimate girl gang, a superpower.. We curate the expert advice, accountability and community you need to be successful in career and life. Because no one taught us the unwritten rules… until now.

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Are you a university or employer who cares about the success of your early-career women? Work with Rise to offer a best-in-class, innovative professional development resource your community will love using.

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Our volunteer mentors are invaluable in our mission of developing self-efficacy amongst our members. Connect with women in early career and share YOUR wisdom and guidance.. and watch your mentee blossom.
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