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Meet this spotlight’s powerful woman, Khemara Sical!

Khemara is from Boston, Massachusetts. Khemara received a BSBA in Information Systems at Suffolk University. She works as a success coach for ambitious women–helping women pursue their powerful purpose, so that they can manifest the success they deserve.

We are supportive of her mission, and we are thankful of the opportunity to share her story and wisdom with our community! You can checkout Khemara’s coaching website here, and you can follow her on instagram here. Enjoy!

Rise Member Spotlight: Khemara Sical

How did you choose your career path? Is this always what you wanted to do?

Throughout my career, I keep hearing from so many professional women that they don’t know what they want to do in their careers, or what their purpose in life is. So I made it my mission to help ambitious women pursue their powerful purpose, so that they can manifest the success they deserve.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to travel…new places, new faces, new things, new culture, new food. I can be extreme… I am either a “home-body”, or just want to travel far far away.

Is there a story or experience that is meaningful to you that you’d like to share?

Success is very personal to me. My parents escaped the killing fields of Cambodia, and made their way to America with the dream that they can give their children a better life. They left their “war-torn” homeland and everything they owned with just a couple of luggages and arrived in the states in 1982.

My parent’s both had to start all over and re-build a new life from scratch. My dad was a successful doctor back in his country, but did not have the license to practice in America.

When I was younger, I’ve seen how my parents flourished together. They worked, built businesses, bought homes, was active in their community, and grew their family.

Then I’ve also seen their failures. They failed in their marriage together, businesses, their career, and family connection. My father passed away about 6 months ago, and he left many successes that came towards the end of his life – his businesses.

Success is not cookie-cutter. It consists of making mistakes, hardships, and failures that is specific to your own growth. That’s what makes success so rewarding…. knowing that you put so much effort into it – the sweat, blood, tears.

Your pain, sufferings, and failures are always meant to drive you forward towards success. Having seen my father’s failures firsthand makes me want success that much more.

Have you made any mistakes or step backs in your life or career, and were you able to grow from them?

Seven months ago, I left my six figure corporate salary to pursue my passion of helping other women rewrite their own success stories. It was not easy, and so scary to be leaving something that I thought was stable. However, the setback or regret that I have is that I was not able to do it sooner.

Since I left, I had more time for myself and my family. I wake up when I need to with my toddler, without having to rush out the door. I can be there for my daughter’s appointments or important meetings without having to ask for “time-off”.

My finances are even better. I paid off all of my credit cards within five months of leaving! I’m working towards, and on track to hit my forecasted income goal of six figures by April of 2020!

I’m living out my purpose every day, helping to make an impact in women’s lives. I work wherever I want to – remotely from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere in the world.

My connection with myself and my husband is so much better. Having the time for myself to work on my fitness, to journal, to meet a friend for lunch, and also making time for my marriage.

In what ways do you create space for mindfulness, peacefulness, gratitude, or stress-management in your life?

Meditation & journaling.

What are a few things that you have or that you do that make your life fuller?

Making time for myself to enjoy even the smallest things in life, like taking time out for your favorite cup of tea and cookies.

Is there something cool about you that you want our membership to know about?

I swear my super-power is coffee and wine! Especially since I am a mom of two – a toddler and a teenager.

Is there something cool about you that you want our membership to know about?

I am working on a new online course for women to “up-level” their life.

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