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Rise fosters agency and positive self-concept for women in early career.

Uplifting women's leadership


expert-curated courses across career, finance, relationships, self development and personal health.


a likeminded community of women committed to supporting each other in their success


1:1 mentorship and coaching from women with deep expertise who are invested in member's success

Let's Connect!

Rise members gain immediate access to our suite of resources designed for women's success in early career.

  • expert-curated video courses
  • monthly goal-setting calls
  • a 1:1 mentor pairing
  • private members-only website 
  • live expert Q&A's
  • 1:1 accountability buddy pairing
  • discounted 1:1 professional coaching
  • city-based retreats and meet-ups
  • private Facebook, LinkedIn Groups 
  • and so much more!!
Let's Connect!

The Rise community is diverse, powerful, and growing every single week with new members, mentors and expert contributors.

Immediate access to online course library, designed in collaboration with industry experts.

New course launched every single month of the year! 

Our members love Rise!

Rise provides me with the community that I needed after I graduated from college! I feel supported because I realized that other young women have the same questions as I do - We are all in this together!  

~Winki C., Rise member

Rise has been an incredible community to be a part of. Not only have I received great advice from experts in an array of fields, but I also have met and been inspired by my new network of amazing women (and friends!)  

~Maddie S., Rise member

Navigating the professional world is rarely straightforward and often stressful, and having Rise in your corner helps immeasurably. Through the negotiations module, I prepared myself to ask for a raise in a confident and informed way— and I got it! The Rise community empowered me to know my worth and make sure my employer did too.  

~Erin C., Rise member

'Rise motivates me to set time aside to invest in myself and gain valuable information about key topics like stress and finances. I also like the frequent posts on the Facebook page because it reminds me to complete the modules and make sure that I am setting aside time. Rise keeps me accountable.'  

~Ellie H., Rise member

'{I joined Rise because} I was struggling to find a job, I didn't know what I wanted, debating grad school, just lost, confused, and lonely in the process.'  

~Holly, Rise member

100% NPS (would recommend to a friend)! 

Helping women succeed, together.

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