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Introducing Rise member Anna Butuzova!

Anna was born in Moscow, Russia. At 17, she moved to Rome, Italy to study. Now, she works as a freelancer in Learning Experience Design.

Read on below to learn more about Anna’s passions and interests! If you’re a Rise member, you can connect directly with Anna in our private LinkedIn and Facebook groups. Enjoy!

Rise Member Spotlight: Anna Butuzova

What do you like to do for fun?

For fun, I like having conversations about life with people. Also, I like movies; books; cookouts; restaurants; and travel by cars, planes, and trains are my favorites. Finally, sometimes I am prone to express myself artistically through different media.

How did you choose your career path? Is this always what you wanted to do?

I used to work in wine trade. I did not choose to do it, other than being open to many options. Then, I decided to get a Masters degree, and I experienced a similar feeling of being open in regards to my studies going in different directions. I received my degree in Technology, Innovation, and Education, and after I switched industries to work in education.

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment has been learning these two things: learning to not be afraid to do what I feel is right and learning to acknowledge that sometimes I make mistakes, and there is this “ungraceful” side to it too.

What’s a challenge you are proud of yourself for overcoming?

I think the biggest challenge that I have experienced has been being able to ask difficult questions, and, more importantly, being able to tolerate (the uncertainty) of not having one definite answer that satisfies me.
I experience personal growth in my opportunities to take on bigger challenges (philosophizing over concepts) and to take on issues that are more overwhelming than I thought I could handle. Understanding my own limits is not a challenge I can probably ever overcome, but I like to engage in the process.
For example, when is it appropriate to follow one’s semi-formed desires and when is it better to stick to structure? This is a difficult question that I can apply to my career path. I also have other questions surrounding my political beliefs, family life, and personal priorities that I can think through and take on. The answers, solutions, or steps to take are not easy, but they may produce a very deep, fulfilling and “fought for” meaning. Every such meaning creates nuances of understanding for myself.
I can never totally overcome uncertainty and conflict, but I try to make myself to face these issues rather than avoid them. Facing uncertainty and conflict does not make me feel proud but recognizing and acknowledging my conflicts are more important than my pride.

What does having a community of women available mean to you?

When I had problems with my mother, and in my family in general, I was very upset, but I experienced comfort relating to stories shared by other people. I realized many people face problems similar to mine. By listening, I was able to expand my understanding of my own problems. I hope I can help others by sharing as well.

Is there something in your life that Rise community can help you with?

I am moving to SF from Boston in 3 months. I would appreciate advice and also would love to connect if you leave/travel there often.

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