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Rise is a first-of-its-kind online learning and mentorship community that serves 20-something women in one of the most important and turbulent decades of their lives. Its primary goal is to give young female professionals agency in their work and personal lives through mentorship, inclusive community building and holistic life skills education. Drawing links between mental, physical and professional health, the content is designed with a foundation in human-centered adult development, and offers millennial and Gen-Z women a resource that resonates.

Rise founder, Julia Starr, began to connect the dots when she burned out of a management consulting job three years in, and decided to go back to school to study integrative health, and now education at Harvard. As a personal coach in her own private practice, she has worked with many 20-something women who echo similar frustrations of isolation, lack of female role models and outdated professional development.

Rise founder, Julia Starr

In early 2018 she decided enough was enough and she couldn’t wait for employers or institutes of higher education to catch up, she had to create the resource that women need, today. Bootstrapping the first iteration of Rise, and actually building it herself in her living room, she collaborated with female experts in the field to put together a curriculum across career, finance, personal health, self development and relationships.

Today, members come from a wide variety of backgrounds including health care, consulting, education, technology and finance, but hold in common the singular goal of learning as much as they can to have real power and agency in their lives, and supporting other women to do the same.

Ultimately, Rise strives to give power to women so they can create institutions and communities that are designed with them in mind from the ground up, fostering a culture that respects and responds to female power with enthusiasm, gratitude and grace.

To learn more follow Rise on IG @risethemembership, check out or email Julia directly at

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