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I am a university or employer, and I’d like to support the women of my establishment. 

Partner with Rise


Work with Rise to offer a best-in-class, innovative professional development resource that your community will love using.

Rise develops future female leaders through our monthly online learning modules, virtual and in-person workshops, an entire online community, and  coaching and mentorship opportunities.

Rise addresses the whole person, in that our content covers (and connects) mental, emotional and professional wellness and success.

Women in the Rise program report:

  • Increased confidence

  • Decreased isolation

  • Improved sense of well-being

ultimately contributing happier and more productive employees, team members and leaders!

Volunteer as a Mentor


We are looking for female professionals across industries and geographies who are passionate about supporting young women’s success.

Our volunteer mentors are invaluable in our mission of developing self-efficacy amongst our members. Mentorship increases the likelihood of mentees seeking out leadership roles and finding success in their careers!

We give our mentors unique and detailed materials, so they are equipped to guide and nurture women at a high success rate. Our mentorship program focuses on the specific application of our modules and direct, goal oriented intentions.

Connect with women in their early careers:

  • A 3-month commitment

  • Involving 1 hours call each month with your mentee

  • Conducted entirely virtually

  • Facilitated by a step-by-step mentorship guide provided by Rise

Share your wisdom, accumulated knowledge, and guidance, and watch your mentee blossom.

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